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A note from Eliana

"My current collections are an exploration of material and surface design. I work in small batches, releasing a collection every other month. My newsletter subscribers get EARLY ACCESS to shop the collections before they go live to the public. This slower pace of making with small collection releases throughout the year, allows me to explore my craft and create pieces that are truly one of a kind. Everything is made in small batches by me in my East Austin studio. I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I enjoyed making them."

One Wall Media

Process Video: Tiles


mid-Range Clay

Clay bodies that have been formulated in the studio by Eliana. These clays are custom blended using commercial materials. Our tile works and other ceramics are made from these clay bodies and porcelain slip.


Wild Clay

Clay that I harvested straight from the ground and processed in the studio. I am currently experimenting with these wild clay bodies. These clays come from properties in Marble Falls and Austin, Texas. A collection of pieces made from these clays will be launching at the end of October. Follow along on Instagram as I continue to experiment.



My current glaze color palette, custom blended in the studio. These glazes are applied to the surface of tiles and other ceramics. The gold luster, a signature design element of my work, is an over-glaze that is made with 22K gold and is brushed on a glazed fired piece before firing in the kiln.


handmade Ceramic Tiles

designed and made from start to finish in my East Austin studio. Every tile design starts as a sketch on a piece of paper and is then transformed into a tangible ceramic tile using various processes and techniques. The tile collection consist of various sizes and line designs in custom colored clays with gold accents.

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